A simple objective. A seamless process.

Our goal is to provide you with a single, reliable export channel, ensuring consistent movement, fair market price, diverse outlets and prompt payment. We can transact quickly, pick up recyclable products swiftly, and make the entire experience smooth and flawless.

A unique philosophy. A diversified strategy.

At Genesis, we view synergy with our partners as paramount. We see our role as global marketers of those products on your behalf, ensuring direct access to diversified export markets that are critical in the current economic environment. We constantly seek new areas in which to grow and diversify.

What We Do

Reliable Logistics.

With our own in-house logistic department we are in constant touch with most major shipping lines, providing timely, trouble-free logistic service to our supply partners and overseas clients.

Seamless Inspection Process.

Our volume and good track record enable us to receive Self-Inspection accreditation from both CCIC North America and CCIC Europe. Self-inspection speeds up your loading process with simple on-site inspection instead of live-loading inspection.

Immediate Payment / Cash Flow Financing.

We understand that running a recycling yard can be very cash intensive, therefore we provide immediate payment upon request to facilitate our supply partners.

Equipment Financing.

Financing of recycling equipment such as balers, sorting line and grinding machines is available in exchange for supply contracts. We can also provide expert advice with regards to the appropriate machines that will meet your needs.

Exclusive Marketing with Open Book Arrangement.

We can provide exclusive marketing partnership arrangement for recyclers to bring about transparency and higher profit sales.